The lead VPD investigator on the missing women investigation testified Tuesday that after Robert “Willy” Pickton was arrested, she wrote a book about her experiences investigating the missing women cases.  We immediately asked for production of the manuscript.

Det. Cst. Lori Shenher’s manuscript was to be published as a 320 page paperback by McLelland & Stewart in September of 2003.  When the Globe and Mail and the Province newspapers reported in April 2003 that Shenher was writing a book about the case, VPD spokesperson Anne Drennan flatly denied it. 

David Crossin, Q.C. objected to our disclosure application on the basis that the book’s contents were irrelevant to the inquiry.  If we understand the argument, the lead investigator’s factual account of the missing women investigation is said to be “irrelevant” to the Commission mandated to inquire into the conduct of the missing women investigation.

Mr. Crossin was directed to review the manuscript and determine whether it is relevant to the inquiry.  We await the outcome of his review with interest.