The Vancouver Sun is reporting this story today:
Vancouver police apologize after mistaken arrest

Police have issued an apology after the mistaken arrest of a 51-year-old Vancouver man.

The Vancouver Police Department has issued an official apology to a 51-year-old man who was injured during an arrest, on Thursday.

Officers believed the man had been involved with a disturbance at a bank near Joyce Street and Kingsway. Police realized they had the wrong man after he was taken into custody, according to police reports.

The man reportedly suffered sore ribs and abrasions to his face during the arrest and was treated at hospital. He was later released.


If true, the apology is a welcome development.  Vancouver police frequently arrest and assault people wrongfully, but rarely say they are sorry.  Hopefully, the innocent man will recover from his injuries with no lasting ill effects.

The correct suspect was later arrested but released without charges after officers discovered no actual disturbance had taken place.”