This morning, there were five new lawyers in the room as the Commission anticipated hearing the testimony of Peel Regional Police Deputy Chief Jennifer Evans.  This was another surprise for Mr. Chantler and myself.  Rick Peck, Q.C. appeared as counsel for Gary Bass, David Butcher appeared for Brock Giles, Rick Henderson appeared for Gary Greer, Ravi Hira, Q.C. appeared for Earl Moulton and Linda Bordeleau appeared for the Peel Regional Police.  Toronto lawyer Edward Greenspan, Q.C. is apparently still planning to attend and cross-examine DC Evans, but we still do not know who he represents.

At the end of the day, Greg DelBigio stood up and introduced himself as counsel for “a client”.  We don’t know who he represents either.  We’ve asked Commission Counsel Art Vertlieb to shed some light on these mysteries, but he has declined to do so thus far.


Update: Greg DelBigio has advised he represents Brian McGuiness.

Further update: Edward Greenspan, Q.C. has advised he is representing Terry Blythe and John Unger.