Today’s session began with David Neave unexpectedly arriving and introducing himself as the lawyer for former VPD Insp. Biddlecombe and advising he intended to cross-examine witnesses and would need time to prepare. Biddlecombe’s role in the investigation of Canada’s worst serial killing was well-documented by VPD Deputy Chief LePard’s August 2010 report, but Biddlecombe did not apply for standing when the Commission sought applications a few months later.   An updated list of the lawyers for the various police interests is set out below:

RCMP: Cheryl Tobias, Q.C., Jan Brongers, Judith Hoffman and Andrew Majawa

Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver Police Board: Sean Hern and Tim Dickson

Vancouver Police Union: David Crossin, Q.C.

Dr. Kim Rossmo (ex-VPD): Mark Skwarok

Doug Fell (VPD): Kevin Woodall and Claire Hatcher

Don Adam (ex RCMP): Janet Winteringham, Q.C.

Gary Bass (ex RCMP): Richard Peck, Q.C. and Tony Paisana

Earl Moulton (RCMP): Ravi Hira, Q.C.

Brian McGuiness (VPD): Greg DelBigio, Q.C.

Terry Blythe and John Unger (ex VPD): Edward Greenspan, Q.C. and Vanessa Christie

Brock Giles (VPD): David Butcher, Q.C. and Anila Srivastava

Gary Greer (VPD): Rick Henderson

Fred Biddlecombe (VPD): David Neave

Peel Regional Police: Linda Bordeleau