Susan Davis, an advocate for sex trade workers who herself worked on Vancouver streets between 1990-1993, testified that a client raped her at knifepoint in the early 90’s.  She managed to escape and got the licence plate number of her attacker’s vehicle.  She phoned 911 and was told to wait for a Vancouver Police Department to attend on a specified corner.  Ms. Davis waited for an hour but no police attended.  She tried twice more over the next three weeks to report the crime but again, Vancouver police failed to respond.  Years later, when Robert William Pickton’s photograph in the media appeared, identifying him as a suspect in as many as 49 murders of sex trade workers, Ms. Davis said to herself, “that’s the guy”.

Ms. Davis described the harsh life of street sex trade workers.  She said there is a general sense of distrust of the police on the part of sex trade workers but noted that she has had four regular clients who were members of the VPD and RCMP.  Her testimony continues.