Canada’s largest media congllomerate has sued a few local activists for allegedly producing a four-page parody criticizing The Vancouver Sun’s apparent media biases.

We are the solicitors for Carel Moiseiwitsch in CanWest Mediaworks Publications Inc. v. Horizon Publications Ltd., Garth Leddy, Mordecai Briemberg, Gordon Murray, Carel Moiseiwitsch, John Doe #2, John Doe #3, Jane Doe #2 and Jane Doe #3; Supreme Court of British Columbia Action No. S078309, Vancouver Registry.

Church & Company are the solicitors for CanWest, which started the lawsuit on December 7, 2007, alleging in its Amended Statement of Claim that “each of the defendants, has been involved, directly or indirectly, in anti-Isrqaeli and pro-Palestinian media activities.” We have responded, in part, with the following, at paragraph 10 of the Statement of Defence: “In answer to the whole of the Amended Statement of Claim, this Defendant says that the Plaintiff’s action is a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation intended to stifle or suppress the free expression of political opinion that is inconsistent with the Plaintiff’s political and editorial agenda of promoting the State of Israel within Canada.” No trial date has been set for the case.

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