As one would have expected, the editorial page writers for Vancouver’s two major dailies have parrotted Vanoc’s John Furlong in expressing dismay over the protests dogging the Olympic torch relay. Politics and sport should not not mix, they say. The protesters are opportunistic. Think of the athletes and their dreams. Take issue with China if you must, but do not sully the Olympic image.

What utter nonsense! While the Olympic games may once have exemplified pure ideals of amateur sport, and even that is arguable, the modern Olympics are all about money. The IOC is a monopolistic cabal intent on lining its pockets with as much cash as possible. It selected China as a host for its 2008 circus for one simple reason: money. China represents a vast untapped market for the IOC and its sponsors, and they plan to make money there as they never have before. By choosing to hold its event in one of the world’s most corrupt, repressive and bloodthirsty states, the IOC deserves to reap what it has sown.

We should not shed a tear for the athletes. They are incidental to the IOC’s goals, mere pawns in its ambition. As human beings, each athlete should ask him or herself; should I endorse China and its abysmal behaviour by participating in this event? I would like to think the answer would be a resounding no.

Olympics in China? What were they thinking? What if they held an Olympic Games and nobody came?