TASER International, Inc., the Scottsdale, Arizona public company that manufactures the controversial stun-gun of the same name, says that its products have never killed anyone. Aside from the patent falsity of this claim (see, for example, medical examiner Dr. Scott Denton’s conclusion that Ronald Hasse of Chicago died of electrocution from Taser application), it defies common sense. Nearly three hundred people have died shortly after being shocked with the Taser’s 50,000 volt discharge.

According to poker and Playboy proponent TASER International, these were all coincidental deaths, caused by the ingestion of drugs or alcohol or perhaps attributable to “excited delirium”, a weird condition where victims apparently collapse and die at the sight of a blue uniform.

No reputable medical organization recognises the existence of “excited delirium” as a medical condition. If there is such a thing, someone should be able to provide a list of those who have died of “ED” where police were not involved, and another list of those who have died of “ED” where a police Taser was not involved. Unless and until I see these lists, I will continue to maintain a healthy skepticism about TASER International’s claims.