November 21 update: At least seven more people have died after being stunned with TASER weapons since Robert Dziekanski’s death was captured on video. They are Donald Clark, Asheville, North Carolina (Oct. 14), Quilem Registre, 39, Montreal, Quebec (Oct. 17), Stefan McMinn, 44, Hendersonville, North Carolina (Nov. 2), Jarrel Gray, 20, Frederick, Maryland (Nov. 18), Christian Allen, 21, Jacksonville, Florida (Nov. 18), Jesse Saenz, 20, New Mexico (Nov. 18) and Conrad Lowman, Jacksonville, Florida (Nov. 20). Every one of these men left behind a loving family, but none of their deaths were captured on videotape.


November 22 update: A 45 year old Nova Scotia man, Howard Hyde, has died today after being Tasered the day before.

November 29 update: Another man is dead after being Tasered. The latest casualty is Ashley Stephens, 28, of Ocala, Florida.


In keeping with its bullying tactics, TASER International Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona says that it has issued 60 “legal demand letters” over the media’s interpretation of the events shown on this video, which depicts Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski dying after being approached and Tasered by four RCMP officers on October 14, 2007:

Here’s what Chairman Tom Smith said:

“We are taken aback by the number of media outlets that have irresponsibly published conclusive headlines blaming the TASER device and / or the law enforcement officers involved as the cause of death before completion of the investigation. These sensationalistic media reports completely ignore the earmark symptoms of excited delirium shown in the video. TASER International is transmitting over 60 legal demand letters requiring correction of these false and misleading headlines and will take other actions as appropriate. These unsubstantiated, false headlines mislead the public and could adversely influence public policy in ways which could place the lives of both law enforcement and the public at greater risk,” concluded Tom Smith, Founder and Chairman of the Board of TASER International, Inc.