Canada Line (RAV) construction is well under way in Vancouver, as evidenced by massive open trenches, noise, dust and traffic congestion. Businesses along Cambie Street are bearing the brunt of the disruption with no relief in sight from the governments that have committed billions of tax dollars to the project.

However, the July 2007 quarterly report says this (page 26): “In the second quarter of 2007, CLCO reached a tentative agreement with the Musqueam regarding a possible assistance package associated with the Musqueam fishery in the vicinity of the Canada Line bridges.”

Huh? Compensation to the Musqueam for disruption of fishing in the Fraser River, but no compensation for the suffering family-owned businesses along the Cambie Street trench?

The British Columbia government, a major proponent of this mega-project, portrays itself as business-friendly. The businesses along Cambie Street, at least those that are still there, have a hard time swallowing that proposition and one of them, Hazel & Co., has launched a legal action for damages based on misrepresentations, nuisance, trespass and injurious affection. More businesses may follow suit…