It is becoming ubiquitous; the slogan, “The Best Place on Earth” is starting to appear everywhere-on provincial government letterhead, on its website and soon, on special licence plates issued by Olympic sponsor ICBC. How, and more importantly, why, did this happen?

The answer to “how?” is obvious; like most every B.C. government initiative, the change to the provincial motto is undoubtedly due to one of Premier Gordon Campbell’s whims. The answer to “why?” is less evident. What was wrong with “Beautiful British Columbia” as our provincial slogan? It was certainly much better than its offensive, presumptuous and embarrassing replacement. Maybe this is the government’s subtle way of telling us that once Mr. Campbell finishes with the province the old slogan will simply no longer be accurate.


Vanoc head John Furlong (with Premier Campbell) points to the bank balance of the average British Columbian taxpayer once the 2010 Olympic circus leaves town. (But the “Best Place on Earth” licence plates will be a nice parting gift).