The Attorney General of British Columbia, ably represented by three lawyers at my successful six day civil trial, has filed a Notice of Appeal in the Court of Appeal seeking to have the $5,000 damages award against it set aside. The appeal will be heard in another six months or so and, when all the bills are in, will probably cost BC taxpayers at least another $20,000.

I had repeatedly asked for an apology for my arrest, strip search, jailing and seizure of my car, and would have gladly accepted one just after the incident or even just before the trial, four years later. However, the City of Vancouver and the Attorney General of BC have spent years defending this case vigorously, at what must be horrendous public expense.

Sigh. Sometimes, you just have to wonder….

Click here for a link to a copy of the appeal documents.

Click here for a link to the BC Supreme Court trial decision.

Click here for a link to one of the interlocutory (pretrial) decisions.