The five man jury at the coroner’s inquest into the death of Robert Bagnell has heard that VPD homicide investigators did not interview any of the 12 VPD members who were at the scene when Bagnell died. Instead, after “decompressing”, the police officers submitted brief written accounts later. The four ERT members who were in physical contact with Bagnell when he stopped breathing delivered their statements to investigators on July 9, 2004, seventeen days after the incident.

The deceased’s mother Riki Bagnell testified that she learned Tasers had been used on her son about a month after his death, from TV news accounts. She said she asked the investigator why the police didn’t just leave her son alone to calm down and his response was “That’s a good question, Mrs. Bagnell”. A few weeks later the VPD held a news conference to explain they Tasered Bagnell to rescue him from a fire in the building.

The VPD media accounts of the death are archived at

The Province of British Columbia allows police departments to investigate their own members in cases of serious injury and death despite recommendations of a coroner’s jury in January 2004 that such investigations be done independently.