Dugald Christie

Dugald Christie

Vancouver lawyer Dugald Christie, 65, was killed near Sault Ste. Marie while cycling across Canada to raise awareness the plight of the poor in attempting to obtain access to justice.

Dugald was a courageous, selfless and tireless advocate for the marginalized and disadvantaged. He accepted clients and took on cases that few other lawyers would, and fought passionately for improved access to justice for the poor. His tragic and untimely passing leaves a tremendous void.

As cruel, capricious and unfair as the law can seem, it is no match for life sometimes.


A personal note:

Some years ago, I was engaged in a lengthy, lonely and costly campaign to try to persuade the Law Society of British Columbia that it was wrong for it to compel BC lawyers to join the Canadian Bar Association as a prerequisite to being afforded the right to practise law in this province. Dugald Christie went out of his way to offer me his personal support. I found most lawyers were indifferent to my efforts, and many were downright hostile, so Dugald’s gesture was truly welcome. His encouragement meant much to me then, and means even more to me now.

Dugald Christie, God bless him, shall continue to inspire me in everything I attempt to achieve in the practice of law.