Jamie GrahamWritten Statement from Chief Constable Jamie H. Graham


The following written statement was issued by Chief Constable Jamie H. Graham this morning:

Questions were raised in the media today about an exchange between myself and City Manager Judy Rogers.

Only because it has been raised in the media I feel it is important to let the public know what happened.

On June 30th, I placed one of my old shooting targets from the range on Ms. Rogers desk with a note saying “A bad day at the range is better than the best day at work.”

This saying is similar to the “I’d rather be fishing” bumper sticker.

When I later learned that this gesture had caused some concern, I apologized to Ms. Rogers verbally and in writing.

The original gesture was made with only the most positive of intentions and I regret any confusion it may have caused.

Jamie H. Graham

Chief Constable


Go figure…