Eagleridge Bluffs

In oral reasons for judgment pronounced today, Mr. Justice Grist has granted an injunction to Peter Kiewit Sons Co. to retrain demonstrators from physically obstructing their planned construction activities at Eagleridge Bluffs. He dismissed an application for an injunction sought by members of the Eagleridge Bluffs & Wetlands Preservation Society in a claim that alleged that the contractor hadn’t satisfied the preconditions to commencing construction.

We have instructions to apply for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal and to seek a stay pending the appeal. The applications will be heard by the Court of Appeal on Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

UPDATE: On May 24, 2006, Grist J. granted an “enforcement order’ authorizing the police to do what they already had the power to do-arrest alleged violators of the injunction order. On May 25, 2006, West Vancouver police arrested 23 people and released them on their promises to appear in BC Supreme Court on June 9, 2006. Nobody has been charged with an offence, however. The arrestees will attend to see what, if anything, the BC Attorney General and the Court decide to do with them.

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