If the Liberals lose this election, and it appears they will, they only have themselves to blame. Many voters have been completely turned off by the “culture of entitlement” that had run rampant in Canada’s natural governing party. The poster boy for the notion that one should be able to earn a luxurious living off political connections is David, “I’m entitled to my entitlements”, Dingwall. This Liberal hack resigned his position last October as head of the Royal Canadian Mint amidst concerns over his $750,000 in annual expenses and is apparently negotiating severance with his Liberal pals in the Privy Council Office. Last Friday, January 13, 2006, the PCO responded to my inquiry by stating, “Discussions between counsel for the Government of Canada and Mr. Dingwall’s counsel are ongoing”. What are the odds that these discussions will be completed before Monday, election day?


David Dingwall

In my opinion, Prime Minister Martin should immediately instruct Government negotiators to refuse to entertain the payment of severance to Mr. Dingwall. If he doesn’t, he hasn’t learned anything from the Gomery Commission. Canadians are fed up with cronyism.