It has just come to our attention that Crown Counsel spokesman Geoff Gaul has suggested that Crown Counsel may be reviewing the results of the Coroner’s Inquest into the death of Jeff Berg. The following statements have been attributed to Mr. Gaul: “For example, whether we should reassess the matter on a charge assessment basis. It’s too early to say that we would embark upon that assessment.”

In the Berg family’s view, a thorough and objective reassessment of all of the circumstances surrounding Jeff Berg’s death is overdue. It must be performed by an independent prosecutor to avoid any appearance of bias, as was done in the case of the six VPD members who were convicted of assaulting three people they had taken to Stanley Park in the middle of the night. The family is urging the Ministry of the Attorney General to appoint an independent prosecutor immediately to reassess whether charges should be laid in repect of the force used to apprehend Jeff Berg and the lack of care and attention that was paid to him by the police as he lay restrained and unconscious.

While there is the prospect of such a reassessment, we and the Berg family will refrain from further public comment on this matter.


Jeffrey Michael Berg, 37, died on October 24, 2000 of injuries inflicted by VPD Cst. David Bruce-Thomas during the course of an arrest on Sunday, October 22, 2000.