The Auditor-General has released her long-awaited report into the federal Liberals’ sponsorship program. She found that millions of dollars of taxpayers’ monies were siphoned off by Liberal friends and insiders from the sponsorship program administered by Public Works. Paul Martin, our new unelected Prime Minister, has professed surprise and shock and has vowed to get to the bottom of the scandal. He has said that he was “out of the loop” and knew nothing. Can we believe him?

I submit that anyone who has spent a month in the city of Ottawa in the last twenty years would become aware that the Liberal party has operated a gravy train, doling out vast sums of our money to its friends and supporters. I spent three years there while getting my law degree and I could see evidence of the Liberals’ largesse everywhere.

Paul Martin has been connected to the Liberal party his entire life, some 65 years. He has been an elected MP since 1988, some 15 years. Before ascending to his present job as Prime Minister, he was the Minister of Finance and the highest ranking cabinet minister from the province of Quebec. So, was he blissfully unaware that tens of millions of dollars were ending up in the hands of Liberal cronies?

Maybe the electorate should decide.