Chief Jamie Graham held a rare Saturday news conference yesterday to reveal yet more alleged misconduct within the ranks of the VPD. Graham calls the latest revelation, allegations of brutality on the Downtown Eastside and of lying to the court, an ‘isolated incident’.

This latest ‘isolated incident’ comes on the heels of the following:

  • Six VPD members are facing criminal charges after allegedly taking people to Stanley Park and beating them;
  • Videotape footage outside a cancelled Guns ‘N Roses concert showed VPD members attacking civilians;
  • Pivot Legal Society disclosed that 50 people had sworn affidavits detailing VPD brutality on the Downtown Eastside;
  • A public hearing has been ordered into the death of Jeff Berg while in the hands of the VPD;
  • An investigation has been ordered into the death of Frank Paul while in VPD custody;
  • Six VPD members faced a public hearing, and four admitted misconduct for trashing a house on Vancouver’s East side while executing a search warrant;
  • An external investigation continues on allegations that the VPD used excessive force when members of its crowd control unit beat people outside the Hyatt Hotel.

After this many ‘isolated incidents’, could there possibly be a systemic problem within the VPD?