Trinity Western University should not be permitted to open a law school in British Columbia while it discriminates against a class of people based on their sexual orientation.

The benchers of the Law Society of British Columbia have the authority to determine whether any new law school is an approved faculty of law.  In April, by a vote of 20-7, the benchers decided to approve the proposed school.  I was in the minority then, and suspect I remain so now, despite the June 11 special general meeting of the membership where an overwhelming majority of the province’s lawyers voted against accreditation.

This issue will be back in front of the benchers in September, when two resolutions will be considered.  One, which I support, would implement the result of the special general meeting, while the second resolution contemplates subjecting the issue to a binding referendum.  I feel such a step is unnecessary and expensive.  Too much members’ money has already been spent on this divisive issue.

It is all quite unfortunate, because TWU could stop all this nonsense with the stroke of a pen – by simply deleting the objective part of its anachronistic “Community Covenant”.  This is an objectionable document, for it discriminates against married same sex couples by prohibiting them from engaging in sexual relations while working or studying at the institution.  Married heterosexual couples, on the other hand, enjoy the freedom to do as they please.

To me, it is just plain wrong for an institution of higher learning to discriminate against a class of people and make them feel unwelcome.  If TWU must do so, it should not be allowed to train tomorrow’s lawyers and judges.


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