With the evidentiary hearings concluding, the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry has rejected evidence tendered by the families of the murdered women.

At 3:00 p.m. today, the last day of the hearings, Commissioner Oppal delivered a brief written ruling that the expert opinion of former Murray, Q.C. was inadmissible and would not be marked as an exhibit.  The families of the murdered women had commissioned the report from the respected former Crown Counsel but the lawyers for the Criminal Justice Branch, Richard Romano, the RCMP and the VPD had all objected to it, while Commission Counsel Art Vertlieb Q.C. had made submissions that the report was “helpful”.

Last Friday, May 18th, the Commissioner delivered a brief written ruling that Det. Cst. Shenher’s unpublished manuscript was inadmissible.  The manuscript, written in 2003 but undisclosed until we cross-examined Det. Cst. Shenher on January 31, 2012, was described as “titillating” by the Commissioner.

The rulings should be appearing on the Commission’s website.